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Helmut Lasarcyk

Böhlert Family, Germany

 ancestral origin:      Saxony-Anhalt

localities: Schönebeck/Elbe, Halle, Aken, Kleinzerbst, Magdeburg
secondary localities:   Bromberg, Sömmerda, Bad Oeynhausen
associated surnames:  Behlert, Schauseil, Wünsche, Beinhoff, van Acken, März, Müller, Jessing, Brodhäcker, Hildebrand, Tschache, Weise, Epler, Zimmer, Mester, Nees

Our Böhlert branch goes back to these origins:
    Christian Behlert, born ca. 1730 between Magdeburg and Halle
    Gottlieb Christian Behlert, born ca. 1760 probably in Schönebeck at the Elbe
    Andreas Wilhelm Behlert, born 20 October 1790 in Schönebeck
    Wilhelm Daniel Friedrich Behlert, born 17 January 1827 in Schönebeck.
He married Wilhelmine van Acken on 13 August 1854 in Bromberg.
On 18 December 1860 Hermann Friedrich Böhlert was born in Gorziskowo near Bromberg. In  1882 he married Anna Emilie März in Halle. They had 16 children there, of whom nine survived: Hermann, Anna, Ernst, Karl, Klara, Martha, Kurt, Otto und Alma. The eldest son, Hermann Böhlert (ca. 1884 - 1946), had a shop selling horse meat at Glauchaer Straße 95 with an adjacent food place from about 1910 to 1945, when it was bombed out. Our line of descent follows the youngest son, Otto Richard Paul Böhlert, born in Halle  3 May 1890, who later became a bricklayer and builder and left Halle.

Many Böhlert people still live in the Halle area. We would like to unravel how they all belong together and appreciate any hint at existing Böhlert genealogies or websites. Maybe together we can complete the big puzzle.

mail contact: info[at]Lasarcyk.de (please replace [at] by @). List of names found so far:  Böhlert-Epler list.