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Helmut Lasarcyk

Family history

Boehlert ancestors Genealogy  has been my hobby since the end of 1995, when I finally found time to start registering all my direct ancestors in a computer database. Since then it has become one of the most fascinating activities.
My intention was (and is) to provide my children with a detailed account of the families of their four grandparents. These are the principal names:
      Lasarcyk      Epler      Nieke     Böhlert
Many contacts have been established. More will be appreciated.

What is a Genealogist?

A full-time detective
A thorough historian
An inveterate snoop
A confirmed diplomat
A keen observer
A hardened sceptic
An apt biographer
A qualified linguist
A part-time lawyer
A studious sociologist
An accurate reporter
An hieroglyphics expert,
AND . . .
A complete nut!

(Thanks to Andrew Billinghurst billingh@rootsweb.com
who says he saw it on the KENT-L@rootsweb.com mailing list)