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Helmut Lasarcyk

Esperanto flag
Esperanto flag

"Break, break the walls between the peoples."
~ L. Zamenhof

La Internacia Lingvo

The international language

that is neutral and easy to learn for everyone

A Dream
Imagine this: An American woman visits a city in central China. She wanders away from the hotel where the staff has some basic knowledge of English. She winds up in a small market where she spots a little treasure that she would like to buy. No one in the market can speak English and she knows no Chinese, but this does not bother her at all. She simply starts speaking in the one language that everyone in the world has studied. She is confident that the Chinese sales clerk will be able to understand her perfectly and that she will be able to understand him perfectly.
The dream is beautiful. All over the world everyone studies a certain easier-to-learn language for just a year or two, and then everyone can go anywhere in the world and talk with anyone else even though the two people do not know even a single word of each other's native tongue.
     Sylvan Zaft: Esperanto. A Language for the Global Village. Calgary (Canada) 2003

Esperanto? What's that? Basic information.
What does the language sound like? Listen to a short sample or a longer one.
More information in English and a personal message on Youtube.
Another story: The Golden Turtle (multilingual)

What is Esperanto's culture?
Are there any native speakers of Esperanto? Yes, there are, hundreds of them!
International contact: www.esperanto.net and www.esperanto.info

Start learning right away with www.lernu.net.
Check out the language in action at the newsgroup  soc.culture.esperanto
and see the Esperanto version of Wikipedia. And here is a lively Esperanto blog.

An answer to some who say, "We already have English - why Esperanto?"

Esperanto -
  ideal as neutral language for the "global village"!

Esperanto symbol