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Helmut Lasarcyk

Lazarczyk Family, Germany

ancestral origin: 
East Prussia
localities: Marggrabowa, Treuburg, Oletzko & Lyck County
secondary localities:
Ratzeburg, Kirchwerder
associated surnames: 
Lazarczyk, Lasarzik, Johannsen, Sych, Chmielewski, Ciborowski, Rydzewski

e-mail contact: info[at]lasarcyk.de 

Family database online.

The Lasarcyk (Lasarzik, Lazarczyk, also Lazarchik and sometimes Lazarski) family group most likely originates from northern Mazovia, the northeastern province of Poland. Hundreds of families still bear the name Lazarczyk there, the name meaning "son of Lazar(us)". Some (or just one) of them moved further north to what was then called "wilderness" and in later times became German East Prussia. In 1634 the first Lasarzik can be located in the records at Marggrabowa. By the year 1700 several members of this clan can be found in Lutheran church registers of the area of Marggrabowa, later called by the German name of Treuburg (Olecko nowadays). Under German rule the Lazarczyks had become Protestants, and during the 19th century they gradually switched to speaking German. So far no details about the early days of their settlement have been found out.

Many members of the family group moved on to different places, like West Germany or the USA. We would like to unravel the history of the settlement of this Lazarczyk group who moved north before or around the year 1700 and of the further developments as far as possible and to establish links between members of the clan. Research includes the checking of all surviving church records of the southeastern part of East Prussia. Anybody who can contribute is welcome to contact us, so that we can share what we have found so far.

Our direct ancestor is Julius Lazarczyk, born 06 May 1873 in Olschoewen (today Olszewa), Oletzko County, the youngest of 8 children of Friedrich Lazarczyk, born 23 April 1833 in Olschoewen, and his wife Auguste, née Rydzewski. He emigrated westward probably around 1895 and settled in the vicinity of Ratzeburg, Holstein, where he married in 1898 and died in 1939. Julius had seven siblings, all born in Olschoewen (Oletzko county) to the same parents:

   i August Lazarczyk, born 7 Oct 1854
   ii Jetta Lazarczyk, born 10 Mar 1857
   iii Herrmann Lazarczyk, born 11 Jan 1859
   iv August Lazarczyk, born 1860
   v Karl August Lazarczyk, born 1 Aug 1864
   vi Ludwig Lazarczyk, born 19 Aug 1867 (changed his name to Achenbach in the 1920s)
   vii Johann Lazarczyk, born 5 Jul 1870 and died 20 Feb 1872

Friedrich Lazarczyk was the son of Matthias Lazarczyk, born 24 September 1805 in Olschoewen, and Eva Sych, born 15 March 1809 in Dopken, Oletzko County.
Matthias was the son of Gottlieb Lazarcyk, born in 9 January 1786 in Lengowen (Lengau), Oletzko County, and Sophie Chmielewski, born ca 1782 in Olschoewen.
Gottlieb's parents were Jacob Lazarcyk and Louise Ciborowski, both born around 1760. The exact birth dates of these are not available because the church registers for those years have been lost in a fire. Jacob died 18 July 1813 in Lengowen, Oletzko County, Louise died 28 April 1831, also in Lengowen. All the above were Lutherans.

Here is the list of surnames that came up in our family research: Lasarcyk List.
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PS. Any other Lasarzik groups are invited to contribute too. We already found out that there was a group in eastern Slovakia that spread out to Pennsylvania, USA. And also several Lazarczyks from Poland emigrated. Would you like to get in contact with them? Maybe more clans can be located.
See also the international Lasarcyk website at www.lasarcyk.de .

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