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Helmut Lasarcyk

Johannsen family (Kirchwerder, Vierlande)

ancestral origin: Kirchwerder (Vierlande), Hamburg
associated surnames: Eggers, Witthoefft, Gultzow, Gladiator, Gräper, Putfarken, Rieken, Ronneburg, Timmann, Otten

The name Johannsen (meaning "son of John") is fairly common in North Germany. The Johannsen family of Kirchwerder near Hamburg can be traced back to the beginning of church registers and partly beyond, back to around the year 1200 in that area. Part of the group lived in Neuengamme, a neighboring village. During the 1800s one branch moved northward to the towns of Schwarzenbek and Ratzeburg. If you also do research on this Johannsen branch please contact us! Here is our family database online. 

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