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Helmut Lasarcyk

Wappen Jemielno

Nieke Family, Germany

localities: Gimmel, Guhrau County; Wohlau County; Ossig, Lueben County; Beichau, Trachenberg County; Rudelsdorf, Bruex (Most) County
secondary localities: Chemnitz, Freiberg, Saxonia
associated Surnames:
Niecke, Guhl, Presser, Krause, Beuthel, Tschoepe, Thomas, Bergner, Agert, Ulbricht, Irmscher, Seifert, Engel, Münch, Leopold, Wilhelm, Seffner, Schrock, Eichner, Strauss, Börner, Opitz, Enge, Dörfel, Opath, Dobritz, Seidel, Sachse

                 Nieke/Silesia family database online

Our branch of the Nieke family can so far be retraced to the 18th century, when they lived in Gimmel, Guhrau /Wohlau County, Silesia (Polish name today: Jemielno). Some of its members went westwards around 1900 and settled in the Chemnitz area (Saxonia). Since the Silesian church registers are said to be lost it is very difficult to establish the full line of ancestors. We would be happy if everybody who has material on this family contacted us at info[at]Lasarcyk.de .

Here are our immediate ancestors:

Johann Heinrich Nieke, born ca 1754, died: 23 Aug 1819, Gimmel, Guhrau county.
wife: Elisabeth Anna Domassen, born ca 1754, died 17 Jul 1824, Gimmel

Carl Friedrich Nieke, born 26 Nov 1784, Gimmel. died: 28 Mai 1833, Gimmel,
married  29 Nov 1810, in Hünern, Guhrau county, to
Helena Juliana Presser, born 31 Mrz 1786, Hünern Guhrau county, (daughter of Johann Friedrich Presser and Eva Rosina Straußerer); died 10 Jan 1869, Corangelwitz near Gimmel.

Carl Robert Reno Nieke, born 3 March 1814, Gimmel, died 3 Jan 1897, Köben/Oder, Steinau county.
married 17 Sep 1846, in Gimmel, to
Caroline Friederike Krause, born 13 Jul 1823, Gimmel, (daughter of Johann Gottlieb Krause and Eva Rosina Guhl); died 12 Jun 1882, Gimmel

Hermann Nieke, born 1854, Gimmel, died ca 1941, Gimmel
Emil Karl August Nieke, born 16 Mai 1857
Gustav Nieke, born ca 1860
Robert Nieke, born ca 1860.

Emil Karl August Nieke, born 16 Mai 1857, Gimmel, died: 19 Jun 1905, Steinau/Oder, Wohlau county.
married 7 Okt 1890, in Ossig Lüben county, to
Clara Hulda Anna Strauß, born 27 Sep 1862, Ossig, (daughter of Ernst August Strauß and Christiane Charlotte Beuthel); died 2 Apr 1903, Köben/Oder, Steinau county.

Alfred Nieke, born ca 1891  oo  Hertha Hedwig Hengst
    children: Inge und Günther
Klara Nieke, born ca 1893  oo  Bruno Opat
   daughter: Elisabeth
Elisabeth Nieke, born ca 1894   oo  Max Dobritz
    son: Helmut
Magdalene Nieke, born 13 November 1896   oo  Willy Dörfel
    children: Anneliese und Erika
Paul Ernst Georg Nieke, born 10 March 1900   oo   Wally Ulbricht
    children: Ursula und Eberhard

All these left Silesia in their early years and went westwards to Saxonia.

So far we have found the following surnames: Lasarcyk +Nieke list.
e-mail contact: info[at]Lasarcyk.de